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About Me (& My Guardian)

Stellaware came into existence around 2008 when my guardian decided she couldn’t ignore the annoying jingle jangle of my tags on my collar.

You see, i’m a labrador, and we have dry skin conditions… My collar aggravated my neck, making me itchy… so i did what all dogs do… scratched the itch! My guardian decided there was a better way for me to be identified, soft cloth scarves! Ingenious i say! Now i sport around with a new print or monogram weekly.

Since my guardian is a former fashion designer, many years of experience with quite a few awards under her belt, might i mention, designing my scarves was a snap. Now there is an assortment of sizes, prints, fancies and construction details to suit all tastes! Even the most finicky of felines!

The brand has been adorned with my first name, stella, a tribute to me i guess, since my whole name was to long, “stella by starlight,” ware was chosen to accentuate the accessory like “hardware,” ware for all!

My guardian is passionate about constructing our product domestically, so all of our accessories are hand made locally. This allows us to keep control over the quality and helps our community.

We are conscientious about recycling and reuse, that’s why we purchase fabrications that are “over runs,” “discontinued” and “sample print runs,” this method doesn’t add to the carbon footprint. Our shedding t’s are made from garments that no longer are wanted by the wearer, so instead of going to the trash bin or thrift store, they’re re-developed into a new creation.

We adorn our products on adoptees from many of our shelters. Giving the pet a special send off gift when going to their new home. We also donate custom made products for annual fund raising for these shelters and animal rescue groups. We contribute a percentage of our proceeds to various rescues, and make donations on behalf of our customers.

We are located at 1910 Madison Ave. unit 85 Memphis TN 38104.

We are located where rock-n-roll and the blues were born – Memphis, Tennessee.

You might say we have some rhythm!

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